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Pastor Doug

Bio for Reverend Douglas Benjamin Crandall
Senior Pastor of Zion Gospel Temple
East Providence, RI 02914


Pastor Douglas Benjamin Crandall is an anointed preacher and Bible teacher.  He graduated from Zion Bible Institute, East Providence, RI in 1971, and graduated from Central Bible College in 1972 with a BA in Ministry.  He then attended Wheaton College graduating with an MA in Theology. Upon graduation in 1974 he began ministry with his father, Dr. N. Benjamin Crandall in Brooklyn, NY at Calvary Tabernacle – International Christian Center which later moved to Staten Island, NY.  He became Associate Pastor there in 1978. 
In 1986 he began ministry at Zion Gospel Temple in East Providence, RI as Associate Pastor and became Senior Pastor in 1991 until present.  He served on the Board of Zion Bible Institute from 1986 – 2004 and as a Vice President from 1990-1999. 
He also taught at Zion Bible Institute from 1986 to 1991.

He has since been a spiritual leader and father to many, reaching out and striving in the Spirit of Christ for the broken and hurting. He preaches God's Word from a life of obedience and faith, teaching a foundation of solid trust in God despite our present problems or trials, because what God has SAID,
WILL ALWAYS COME TO PASS! (Isaiah 55: 9-11)

Pastor Doug is Currently Teaching on Faith at our Wednesday Night Bible Studies,
and some of his messages are available for listening online.








11-13-2009 (BL)
10-8-2012 (CA)